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This weeks web round up

Time to close some tabs. Here are all the good things found since the last round up.

I completely redesigned the front end of www.rasita.biz using panels and views. What do you think? Judith is now selling reptiles as well as her cooking eCourses.

Sarah Perez posted this on live mesh wallpapers. We got them!

Are you Mesh-obsessed? Well now you can show off your devotion to the new service by displaying the Mesh logo on your computer’s desktop. You can grab the zip file for yourself from here.

Sarah also has a Q&A session on Microsoft Office Web Applications.

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Vintage Aviator developed in Drupal

The Vintage Aviator - Front page, on release, May 2008Wow – what an amazing website. Not only is the content fascinating – well to me anyway – I love old world war 1 and 2 vintage airplanes – and these machines a beauties – but the website is also a work of art. (and they are Kiwis!)

The Vintage Aviator is an amazing website. The developers have spent countless hours putting this together. There is a full description of what they did to make this work on the Drupal website.

They list all the modules they use as well as the custom modules developed and other tweaks they had to do. The developer, dman also explains how they solved the CSS issues (including ignoring some of the IE6 issues).

This is a great site – congrats to all involved.

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New banner for my site

I finally got around to building a new banner for my website.

Spy Journal 1.0 didn't have a banner - except for orange and text.

Spy Journal 2.0 had customised banners for each of the personal, tech, excel and blog websites. Actually they were the same banner but some CSS allowed different colours to show as a margin on each banner.

So yesterday I used some photoshop skillz and put together the banner thats here now. Do you like it? Is it an improvement on previous ones? Let me know what you think.

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COLOURlovers is a resource that monitors and influences colour trends. It's really useful for those who use colour whether it be advertising, product design, etc. Great for checking out colours, palettes, articles and interviews.