New banner for my site

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jethro's picture

I finally got around to building a new banner for my website.

Spy Journal 1.0 didn't have a banner - except for orange and text.

Spy Journal 2.0 had customised banners for each of the personal, tech, excel and blog websites. Actually they were the same banner but some CSS allowed different colours to show as a margin on each banner.

So yesterday I used some photoshop skillz and put together the banner thats here now. Do you like it? Is it an improvement on previous ones? Let me know what you think.


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Matt's picture

I like it. Nice work Tim!

I like it. Nice work Tim!

Eve Strayer's picture

I Agree with your views on

I Agree with your views on Tim !!

It's good work and hope to see more such nthings from your side pretty early.

Good One !!

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