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Drupal for Churches

We will shortly start offering Drupal developed website development and hosting packages for Churches and other not-for-profit organisations. I have created a pre-release promotional offer over at www.jethroconsultants.com/node/40

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A collection of free images

Sources for Free Stock Images

When designing a website or blog, you've probably wanted to add images to your creation. It's easy to forget that the images belong to the people who have created them. Staying legal means you’ll have to either create your own images or buy them from stock sites. This website has a collection of free images that can be used.

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Automatic List of Labels for Blogger Classic Templates

Since Blogger introduced labels, one of the pressing concerns for those publishing via FTP or those on blogspot who don't want to switch to a Layout based template was how to automatically list all the labels used on the blog in the sidebar. Blogger does not provide any template tags for this in Classic Templates (maybe they will at some point, but adding new features to Classic Templates probably isn't a high priority, if at all).

We followed these instructions on how to add labels to blogger templates to successfully add label lists to all the old SpyJournal blogger templates.

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Create A Tag Cloud in Blogger Based on Content

Tag Clouds are an easy way to get people explore your site deeper. You may have seen them on delicious, Technorati Profile or Flickr, We use them on this site, see the Tags link in the navigation menu.

Armit tells us how to create a tag cloud for blogger using RainMaker