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Mix on Campus

I a currently online at Microsoft Mix On Campus. I am learning lots of cool stuff about the internet growth. market penetraton, new technologies coming etc. There are some interesting consequences for internet development in the future. Stay tuned

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What do I do?

I am always being asked what do I do?

It's complicated.

You can read about some of it on our company website where I explain our Drupal Development and hosting

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Free Microsoft Web Design & Developer Event

Free Microsoft Web Design and Web Developer event in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney
'Mix On Campus' is a free Microsoft web design, multimedia and web developer event. Originally just for university students and lecturers, 'Mix on Campus' has drawn interest from members of the broader IT/developer community, so we're slackening the 'students only' rule a little. Whether you're a technology student, you know a technology student (please invite them), or are just interested in the speaker sessions, feel free to register so you can come along and hear about the latest in web design, web dev and multimedia news.
Brisbane: 20 November, 10am to 4pm, QUT City Campus, Room 117, B Block, 2 George St, Brisbane

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Create a Temporary Webpage That Self-Destructs After a Time Limit

Amit has written an article on disposable webpages, these webpages are similar to the temporary email and disposable email services. Now this wesbite, http://disposablewebpage.com/getwebpage provides a service for disposable webpages. The process involves making a proper webpage using the rich text editor that also supports tables, images and Flash movies and then set the time when you want that web page to expire.