Vintage Aviator developed in Drupal

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The Vintage Aviator - Front page, on release, May 2008Wow – what an amazing website. Not only is the content fascinating – well to me anyway – I love old world war 1 and 2 vintage airplanes – and these machines a beauties – but the website is also a work of art. (and they are Kiwis!)

The Vintage Aviator is an amazing website. The developers have spent countless hours putting this together. There is a full description of what they did to make this work on the Drupal website.

They list all the modules they use as well as the custom modules developed and other tweaks they had to do. The developer, dman also explains how they solved the CSS issues (including ignoring some of the IE6 issues).

This is a great site – congrats to all involved.


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Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.