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Geek Girl Blogger - Susan Bradley

A note from Tim: Susan Bradley AKA the “SBS Diva”, has been an amazing help to our business with her awesome willingness to assist every time I have had a question about SBS 2003. She has provided information, links to help pages and forums, hot fixes and even posted me a SBS 2003 Best Practices book for free. She well and truly deserves the MPV recognition from Microsoft for her contribution to the SBS community. We’re excited to present her profile today.

Name: Susan Bradley.
Screen Name: Susan (boring, I know). Also known as the SBS Diva.
Personal Blog:
susan_bradleySocial Networks: While I am part of and there are still times that I go, do I really call some of these folks friends?  Social networks have to build off the social part first and foremost.  Twitter is one that I watch other twitterers but my "fake" twitter is actually run by Vlad Mazek (  He actually twitters better than I would -- check out
Current Employment: CPA, Network Admin, Forensic specialist
Location: Fresno, CA, USA

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Geek Girl Blogger - Jen Myers

This weeks GGB is Jen Myers from the US of A… her survey is below.

Name: Jen Myers
Screen Name/s: deliberatepixel, antiheroine
jmyers Personal Blog/s:; I'm also one of the bloggers behind, a community of bloggers interested in rational and critical thinking with a feminist slant.
Social Networks: I think I'm on virtually every social network out there, but I use Twitter and Facebook the most.
Current Employment:  Web Designer
Location/country: Columbus, OH, US

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Geek Girl Blogger - Dr. Beth Snow

Beth may not be as Internet-geeky as some of us, but she certainly is a geek, she is actively involved in plenty of social networks, and she does blog. So she made the cut for our series!

Name: Beth Snow
Screen Names: drbethsnow - or - Beth77
Beth_Snow Personal Blog:
Social Networks: Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, Flickr, Friend Feed,,, MyBlogLog, Technorati, Twitter. I'm also a member of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists:  and the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique.
Current Employment:  I run a research training program in gender & addictions and I teach nutritional sciences courses at the University of British Columbia; I also teach science to elementary school kids as a "Scientist in Residence".
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

I mainly write things that I find entertaining and, somewhat surprisingly to me, others seem to find what I write entertaining as well.  So now my motivation is writing to entertain & build community, as well as because I just like to write.  Oh yes, and to win friends and influence people.

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Geek Girl Blogger - Bronwen Zande

Geek Girl Profile -

Name: Bronwen Zande
Screen Name: BronwenZ
Personal Blogs: | |
BZandePhotoSocial Networks: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, friendfeed.
Current Employment: Am a director of Brisbane based, Soul Solutions Pty Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Partner.  We work with innovative web technologies such as Silverlight, Virtual Earth and Live Services.
Location: Australia

What is your motivation for blogging?

Originally I started blogging to document problems I’d solved so when I came across it again I’d know how to fix it. As time went on we found our clients, friends, family etc, were reading our blog to see what we were up to. I also use it to document things I’ve done so I can look back and see what we’ve achieved.