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Geek Girl Blogger - AllisonR

This week we are featuring for the first time a profile of one of our Geek Girl Bloggers.

Geek Girl Profile -

Name: Allison Reynolds
Screen Name/s: Allison - AllisonR - Gramyre
Personal blog/s: and
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Seesmic, Flickr, UStream, friendfeed.
Other websites she is active in at times: deviantART, JustinTV.
Current Employment: A manager for a large multinational IT company.
Location: Australia

What is your motivation for blogging?

"I blog for several reasons - To make my online and offline projects public so I am accountable for their results, people seem to love watching other people "do" things. I blog because I have Multiple Sclerosis and writing keeps the neural pathways developing (use it or lose it!). And I blog because I like expressing myself in the medium, kind of like modern story telling, but making the truth sound interesting so that the people who read my blog get something out of it."

What is it that you find yourself blogging about, mostly the same things or does it vary?

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Geek Girl Bloggers

42-15530438 Brief

A couple of weeks ago Tim gave me a project to write a piece about geek girls. This has rapidly turned into a marathon effort.
The general story is we are looking at the two apparent types of geek girls, those who use their gender of girlness to blog in the geek world, and those geeks who just happen to be girls.

We were initially just going to link to some sites of examples but now feel that we would get much more mileage from interviewing some geek girls. So far at least 5 have agreed and we are hoping for some more.

What we really wanted to get at is the heart of the blogger in question. Why do they blog the way they do, how do they see themselves in the world of geeks?