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Quick Geek Girl Dinner Update

ggd Last night aManda and I went to the inaugural Brisbane Geek Girl Dinner. It was lots of fun!. 19 girls and 3 blokes is a good ratio!.

I took lots of photos – all up on flickr, and aManda will do a longer write up later.

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Geek Girl Blogger - Lori MacVittie

Name: Lori MacVittie
Screen Name: Lori MacVittie (I don't use pen names/pseudonyms)
mePersonal Blog’s:
The Application Delivery Network -(
Two Different Socks - (
Social Networks: 
    Slashdot (no user link)
    Fark (no user link)

Current Employment: Technical Marketing Manager @ F5 Networks
Location/country: Green Bay, WI

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

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Geek Girl Blogger - Inaugural GGD Dinner in Brisbane

Hey there readers of Geek Girl Blogger!

clip_image002This Thursday night (28th August) Tim and myself will be attending a Geek Girl Dinner in Brisbane.
We are looking forward to meeting a large new range of female bloggers. I personally am looking forward to seeing some bloggers in real life. Proof that they really do exist. All we know about them is what they write ... online ... what if they’re robots? What if they’re not actually girls? It could all just be a lie. So, to see them in real life and interact with them over a meal should be rather interesting. I will report back after this insane event. However if you never read another article by me again... assume the worst. It probably means it turned out they weren’t really what they seemed... aliens perhaps! I’m prepared for anything!


Geek girls… out.


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Geek Girl Blogger - Miss604 Rebecca Bollwitt

Name: Rebecca Bollwitt
Screen Name: Miss604
Personal Blog: 
Social Networks: Flickr, Friendfeed, Twitter, Pownce, Facebook
Rebecca_Miss604Current Employment: Self employed: Senior Partner, sixty4media
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

It started off as a passion for writing about the region and sharing my local knowledge including a love of history. Combine that with my technical background and my love of all things social media and I have managed to turn blogging into a full time job, which in itself motivates me more and more each day.

 Rebecca_TalkNerdyToMeWhat is it that you find yourself blogging about, mostly the same stuff or does it vary? is focused on my life in Vancouver, which involves unconferences, meetups, walks in the park and hockey games, among other things.

What style of blogging do you do, short and regular, or not so regular but long, other? And is your blogging just text or do you also use audio or video?

  I try to use at least one photo with each post, I find it's easier to tell a story that way believe it or not. I also try to incorporate short video clips usually max 90 seconds (Flickr video size).

Rebecca_WordCampHow Rebecca became a Geek Girl Blogger:

In 1997 I started an online fan site for my favourite band at the time, using Netscape Communicator and I was instantly hooked on HTML. From there my passion for all things web grew and saw me dabbling in online audio, streaming and editing until I was hired at the world's largest webcaster of financial audio. This career move, based on my digital media hobbies at the time, lead me to Boston where I oversaw online production (the recording, editing, encoding and live streaming of audio).