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KROSTech Mid Winter LAN and UT2004 Tournament

Start: 21 Jun 2008 - 9:00am

End: 21 Jun 2008 - 11:59pm

This event is going to be a combined event with RAW WAR and is at Rivers Baptist Church 90 Francis Road. we will be running a UT2004 Tournament. Details below.

LAN Format is as follows:

  • 9am setup
  • 10am free play
  • 5pm install set up and test UT2004
  • 7pm tournament starts
  • 11pm tournament finishes and prizes
  • 11:30pm packup
  • 12am depart


  • $12 including Pizza for dinner
  • No lunch provided
  • Network cables and power boards supplied

UT2004 Tournament details.

We will run a UT2004 tournament from 7PM to 11PM with prizes.

  • This will be run in teams of 4 - if you don't have a team or only part of a team we will randomly assign players or bots to assist.
  • If you do not have the correct version installed (6.39) and ready to play by 7PM we will start without you. We will provide mods and maps.
  • Each team will play others on a predetermined roster and culminate in a semi final and grand final.
  • Each team will choose a map and game type and play the other team with their choice as well - eg 2 games per round. Each round will be time limited and will be synchronised.
  • We might just throw in a couple of special all in rounds as well.
  • Results will be collected at the end of each round and collated by tournament admin - its is the team's obligation to make sure this happens.
  • Arbitration will be settled out in the carpark with a foam sword fight!
  • Thanks to new sponsors TerraMedia for tournament prizes

Log in and sign up for the event on the website to get a free drink voucher.

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New banner for my site

I finally got around to building a new banner for my website.

Spy Journal 1.0 didn't have a banner - except for orange and text.

Spy Journal 2.0 had customised banners for each of the personal, tech, excel and blog websites. Actually they were the same banner but some CSS allowed different colours to show as a margin on each banner.

So yesterday I used some photoshop skillz and put together the banner thats here now. Do you like it? Is it an improvement on previous ones? Let me know what you think.

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Eye-Fi Card

Interested in a memory card for your camera that wirelessly uploads your photos to the computer? If so than check out the Eye-Fi Card.

The 2GB Eye-Fi Card looks like your basic SD card on the outside, but it's got Wi-Fi technology hidden inside. When your Eye-Fi-Card-equipped camera is powered on and in-range of your Wi-Fi connection, the card communicates with Eye-Fi's server and your network, then uploads your photos. Your computer doesn't even have to be turned on. All images are saved on Eye-Fi's server until they're successfully loaded onto your system. If your computer is powered on, your image thumbnails will pop up on the lower-right side of your screen as they're uploaded. And you don't have to do a thing.

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Photoshopping photos

Rich Legg is a photographer from Utah. He recently announced a photo shopping contest on his site. i was lucky quick enough to be selected as one of the 5 to submit results.

I have posted my two separate entries to this site and also to my photo archive and the technical and artistic reasons behind my edits are listed below.

Here's my reasoning and technical data
I looked at the photo and it seemed to be a pretty candid shot snapped mid action, but when I thought about it from the perspective of the couple, there was obviously going to be some memories associated with the event. It was obviously a staged candid shot. The railway tracks and the way they were dressed and walking holding hands suggested that a photographer had set this shot up for them – maybe as a anniversary special photo occasion or something. So while wild fantasies of photo shopping an old fashioned steam train in behind them to make them look as if they were in danger crossed my mind (in fact I even found some suitable photos) I didn't attempt this. Instead I reasoned that the couple would be interested in framing this photo on their wall as a memory of this event or time in their lives. So I created two different looks and borders that would lend themselves to printing on canvas or photo paper and framing with a nice frame.
Shot 1 – the sepia image. First I tightened the shot by cropping substantially. I then copied this onto a larger white canvas to create a large margin. I then changed the image to black and white using a gradient adjustment layer and then added a colour adjustment layer of sepia. I then created a slightly larger selection in the background and filled this with black to give the old time real photo look of the black edges and sepia tone. I then added the text at the bottom. This would look good in an old wooden frame – probably 2-3 inches in width in an old fashioned style.
Shot 2 – the soft edges. Once again I tightened the shot by cropping the extraneous material. I then create a border inside the edge and feathered this by 170 pixels. I then selected the inverse and deleted to create the soft edges. This would look good on a matt photo paper and framed in a thin metal frame, gold or maybe silver.