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How much time do you spend playing games?

As a follow up to Gamers Regret I have put up a poll on KROSTech asking how much time per week do you spend time playing games. Go and select the option for how much time you spend also.

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Teaching your kids about digital photography

Looking through photos that your kids have taken can be pretty interesting. If you've got a budding photographer on your hands and want to help them get more familiar with photography, keep reading. Darren has written 13 lessons to help you when teaching your child about digital photography. These are:

  • Experiment
  • Check your Backgrounds
  • Hold the Camera Straight
  • How to Hold a Camera
  • Get in Close
  • Take Lots of Photos
  • Getting the Balance Right Between Photographing People, ‘Things’ and Places
  • Find a Point of Interest
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Review Your Children’s Images with Them
  • Focal Lock
  • Different Modes for Different Situations
  • Exposure Settings
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Windows Live Calendar

The Windows Live team has been going nuts lately developiing new toys applications for us to play work with.

The latest is the Windows Live Calendar

Check it out! 

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World of Warcraft Costumes

World of Warcraft fans got really into the spirit of things at the 2007 Blizzcon event

BlizzCon 2007's costume contest was among the most interesting events.
From the impressively intricate to the strangely disturbing, fans of
Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG flaunted some wild costumes

Some amazing costumes!