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Gamer's Regret

Gamer regret- a sudden, horrifying sense of emptiness when you muse on all the other things you could have done with your game time.

Clive Thompson has written on the sudden feeling of gamer regret. "I was 10 days into playing Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground -- a little RPG I reviewed last month -- and I was poking around the "settings" menu. I noticed that it had a "time played" option, which shows you how long you've been toiling away at the game. Curious, I clicked it.
Thirty-six hours."
Clive continues on the internal debate gamers feel

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Ripping Music

WARNING _ ILLEGAL ACTIVITY DESCRIBED BELOW - click read more if you want to see the rest.

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Twelve Do-It-Yourself PC projects

If you've got a few hours spare and would like to make some improvements to the PC's and the networks you use, check out these twelve tips. The 12 Great Do-It-Yourself PC Projects have everything from turning a PC into an HD media server to tweaking Vista.

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Difficulty getting into programming mode?

If you have trouble trying to get into programming mode perhaps you should try out Doug's morning ritual:

  1. Pour a cup of coffee
  2. Read a few blogs (get it out of the way) then CLOSE the feedreader
  3. Write a blog post

  • Refill the coffee
  • Light a stick of incense
  • Get some music going
  • Wear some ear plugs (kills the white noise and seems to make me focus better)
  • Determine a milestone which will be my next break
  • Begin typing like mad.