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Wii exercising

We have been exercising using the Wii fit for 4 days now. I have discovered to my chagrin that I have very poor inner muscle strength. While I am pretty fit, and quite strong in my legs and arms I struggle a lot with my abs and waist muscles. They are very weak and I find it a very hard to balance on one leg for example. My twitch muscles are also not finely controlled. The Wii fit  program is making me focus on these exercises and they WiiFit_logo are hard. Today I spent 20 minutes exercising and one of the exercises was actually standing still as possible. I found that very hard and it is actually harder than it sounds – it hurts after a while using muscles you don’t usually use to keep still. Like wise balancing on one leg and moving the other leg is very difficult. I am enjoying the Ski Slalom, though I find I tend to miss a few gates here and there.

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Sports fest

I have been absolutely spoilt for sport on TV this weekend.

Last night, Venus beat Serena in the Wimbledon ladies final and the Tour de France got away in 2008 for the first stage, a non prologue stage for the first time since 1967. A fascinating race as the breakaway group was reeled back in and the race won by Valverde in an almighty sprint.

b_06_fedNadal_01_reuters_t_melville Tonight I had a massive problem. 3 different channels broadcasting major sports events simultaneously. The Silverstone British Grand Prix, a very eventful race in the on and off again rain. Lewis Hamilton drove a very safe race to come out eventual winner. His tyre choice could have been questioned but proved the right combination in the end.

The second stage of the 2008 Tour de France was as interesting as yesterdays first stage and saw Thor Hushovd win in a close sprint.

Finally the men's Tennis. I didn't watch most of the first set, only switching over occasionally, but Roger Federer lost the first set to Nadal. The unthinkable continued with a second set taken by Rafael.

Roger came out firing in the third set knowing he needed an early break and to win 3 sets in a row. The last time Roger dropped the first two sets at Wimbledon was in 2002.

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The Family that Exercises together ... Enter the Wii Fit

After scouring Brisbane by phone I finally located a possible Wii Fit. One store had one that had been set aside for a customer – they were going to ring and see if they still wanted it. It was my lucky day. As I arrived to pick up the Nintendo Wii, the chap said he had manage to secure the Wii Fit for me as well.

I rang 10 or 15 outlets yesterday to discover none had any in stock, yet all were advertising them like mad. Responses ranged from “we can put you on a list but its first in first served” to “we will guarantee you one by Christmas!”

IMG_1800-640 IMG_1801-640

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Running Club

Went for an awesome run today. I have been running every Monday afternoon with a bunch of others for the last 3 or 4 months now. Today I had Drew and Lydia along with me. I am coaching both for their upcoming athletics convention. Today we ran down to the local school (about 1 KM) and planned to use the running track there. I didn’t realise that it was half normal size, being only 200 metres around. However all the lanes were marked and they did have a full 100 metre straight sprint set of lanes.

First of we ran a 1500 metres. Drew finished when Lydia and I were still at the 1000 metre mark. I pushed Lydia on and she ended up beating me by about 10 metres.

After a short break we ran a 100 metre sprint. I was able to hold Lydia off by about 2 metres but Drew beat me by around 5 metres.

Finally I got them to run a 200 metres race. Then we walked and jogged home – alternating short sprints with jogging.

Now I feel really refreshed and ready for the next 5 hours work! Monday is a work night for me and Amanda.