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Went for an awesome run today. I have been running every Monday afternoon with a bunch of others for the last 3 or 4 months now. Today I had Drew and Lydia along with me. I am coaching both for their upcoming athletics convention. Today we ran down to the local school (about 1 KM) and planned to use the running track there. I didn’t realise that it was half normal size, being only 200 metres around. However all the lanes were marked and they did have a full 100 metre straight sprint set of lanes.

First of we ran a 1500 metres. Drew finished when Lydia and I were still at the 1000 metre mark. I pushed Lydia on and she ended up beating me by about 10 metres.

After a short break we ran a 100 metre sprint. I was able to hold Lydia off by about 2 metres but Drew beat me by around 5 metres.

Finally I got them to run a 200 metres race. Then we walked and jogged home – alternating short sprints with jogging.

Now I feel really refreshed and ready for the next 5 hours work! Monday is a work night for me and Amanda.