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Steak for lunch

Was hanging for a nice steak. So dropped into the supermarket and picked up some porterhouse marked down for quick sale on the way home from a clients this morning. Then I overcooked them – bother it. Still my steak and cheese sandwiches were very yummy.

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Vintage Aviator developed in Drupal

The Vintage Aviator - Front page, on release, May 2008Wow – what an amazing website. Not only is the content fascinating – well to me anyway – I love old world war 1 and 2 vintage airplanes – and these machines a beauties – but the website is also a work of art. (and they are Kiwis!)

The Vintage Aviator is an amazing website. The developers have spent countless hours putting this together. There is a full description of what they did to make this work on the Drupal website.

They list all the modules they use as well as the custom modules developed and other tweaks they had to do. The developer, dman also explains how they solved the CSS issues (including ignoring some of the IE6 issues).

This is a great site – congrats to all involved.

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Free tickets to the cricket - Aus v India

I have two tickets to the cricket to give away - for free.

Ok there are a couple of catches.

First you would need to be able to be in Brisbane on the 3rd February 2008 for the match - and probably before that to collect the tickets from me.

Second, I will give them to the first person who can correctly respond in the comments below with the text from my very first post under the name of Jethro and SpyJournal Blog back on 23 November 2003.

To clarify - conditions 1 and 2 will apply.

The game is Australia V India at the Gabba, Sun 3 Feb 2008 starting at 1:15PM.

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American Education system needs an overhaul

You can't be serious?

I think the United States Education System is in serious trouble. Watch this YouTube video to see what I mean


They seriously need spelling, geometry, geography (local and international), history and current affairs fixed!