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Snake rescue

I just had to go rescue a snake from a friends aviary. It had helped itself to a bunch of birds and was lying there quite sleepy until i disturbed it with my snake hook. After I picked it up by the tail it got quite aggressive and was able to climb up its body using the very fat bump in the middle and was going to strike me so I  promptly dropped it. I then got it into the bag and took it off to a wooded area to release it so it could go lie up an enjoy its stolen fruits – er birds. 1 budgie and several finches.

This photo I took as I released it shows the very large lump in its guts!


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Nice shoes for Geek Girls - 15% off

As a special SpyJournal service to all our geek girl readers and followers I am letting you know that there is a discount on heels, wedges, flats and boots at the new online shoe store Therapy.

1210_therapy-shoesAll the details are available on the Missy Confidential website who are announcing the discount. Missy Confidential have lots of good bargains and discounts, giveaways and promotions you can enter.

Therapy Shoes is excited to launch their new online store by offering all Missy readers 15% off.
During checkout, simply enter the code MISSY to receive your 15% discount.
Be sure to join the Retail Therapy Club and be the first to know about the season's hot new styles, sale items and special member discounts.
15% VIP Discount: Online offer for Missy Subscribers only and valid for unlimited pairs of shoes paid for in one transaction.

  • WHEN
    Online offer from 10th Dec - 30th Dec, 08
    Online 24/7
    Visa / Master Card/ Bank card / amex
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was going to blog

but i didn’t - tough luck


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How not to build great customer satisfaction

Warning - rant follows.

AMEX or American Express is possibly the worst banking institution I have ever had to deal with. I have had a few stupid things happen at various times with various banks and they usually go out of their way to help you out. Not AMEX.

amex I have had the situation where for the last 2 months my account has been over its limit (largely due to the monthly fees) and I have not had the cash to correct that.