American Education system needs an overhaul

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You can't be serious?

I think the United States Education System is in serious trouble. Watch this YouTube video to see what I mean

They seriously need spelling, geometry, geography (local and international), history and current affairs fixed!

Maybe they could start with small educational inserts on the talk shows like Oprah, Jerry Springer and Dr Phil. People believe all the rubbish those guys speak (in the name of making money) so maybe the government could pay them to tell some real stuff. Like you know, Kentucky is a state -i ts where Kentucky Fried Chicken comes from, Australia ia not Iran or Korea even if a map is altered to show that it is, Israelis are not Muslims and there were only 2 world wars in one of which Hiroshima and Nagasaki were made famous for the United States of America (a country beginning with U) dropped an atomic bomb on. Oh and there is only 1 Eiffel tower in Paris and I think that Buddhist monks are probably following the Buddhist religion.


Apologies to all Americans who read this - you are intelligent enough to have found the internet and enough good sense to read this site, so probably this doesn't apply to you.