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Broke my nail :(

Actually I bent it right back on itself. About 1/3rd of the nail from the front was bent right back and standing up straight out. I got Jude to flip it back down.

How did I do that?

Catching frisbee in the park. Stress relief day today - aka family time. Took the kids to the park and played chase and catch the kids in the sand and the bushes, then parkour dive and rolls, then frisbee, then more jumping and playing, then kicking the football. After we came home all sandy and grimy and cleaned up we watched 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and then played Carcasonne online.

Now I am procrastinating instead of working, but will get stuck back into upgrading in a few minutes. We won the tender to do the major site upgrade they mention on the front page. We will also be advertising on the site for the next 12 months.

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Mad Mad Days - oh and a blogfest meetup thingo

I am working insane hours at the moment - just to coordinate 4 projects that have somehow managed to end up in my job queue with simultaneous deadlines and due dates.

The projects themselves are scattered across the world with 3 different time zones involved, I have developers involved in 2 different time zones. The good thing is that once these have completed I will be able to leave my desk for a half day break (at least that's the plan).


Good things have been happening though. A hard drive failed night before last. All it had on it was my entire music collection, so that was good - I had a backup and that was restored in about an hour, and the drive itself is under warranty. Jude has gone to collect the replacement today.

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Time Off - and On Again - Christmas 07 Summary

I took Christmas and Boxing day off - kind of.

I didn't actually "work", but I did have to stay near the PC. Thanks to a web server crashing Christmas Eve.

At least I didn't have to think about coding.

We did have a fun couple of days though. Christmas Day started early, as it always does with kids. Mind you they got the house cleaned and their own breakfast while we "slept in". Then it was onto breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and cream and toasted croissants with ham and cheese.

Present time was preceded by the original Christmas story, found in Genesis 3 when God foretold the coming of Christ as a cure for Sin.

The kids got some smaller presents from each other, presents from grandparents, and then from us some large presents for all of them; a digital camera and a portable DVD player.

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Server Down for Christmas Present

Our main web server failed on Christmas Eve. I sent an emergency SMS to the techs and they started work right away. It took 30 hours to fix! A raid controller card failed on the server and once it was replaced the entire raid array had to be rebuilt.

This site only came backup about 5 minutes ago. 

Thanks goodness the techs were available to work on Christmas day - I am, so thankful to them for that!