Mad Mad Days - oh and a blogfest meetup thingo

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I am working insane hours at the moment - just to coordinate 4 projects that have somehow managed to end up in my job queue with simultaneous deadlines and due dates.

The projects themselves are scattered across the world with 3 different time zones involved, I have developers involved in 2 different time zones. The good thing is that once these have completed I will be able to leave my desk for a half day break (at least that's the plan).


Good things have been happening though. A hard drive failed night before last. All it had on it was my entire music collection, so that was good - I had a backup and that was restored in about an hour, and the drive itself is under warranty. Jude has gone to collect the replacement today.

I completely forgot (until my diary reminded me) that I was going to a blogfest meetup thingy last night. Amanda, our newest staff member (I will introduce her later as she will be writing on here in due course) and I went along and it was a great opportunity for her to meet some other bloggers, and also for me to catch up and chat. I particularly enjoyed talking to Yaro. His life balance ideas are where I am heading (once the current craziness of simultaneous projects is over!) In fact we have been working that way for sometime now. We stop work at least twice a week now for exercise together as a family (all or part), Jude and I get massaged once a week after one session (can't wait til tomorrow night!) and we really enjoy playing games together as a family. These togetherness things really help the relationships with our daughters grow and I am looking forward to watching them mature into well rounded adults (not physically rounded!).

I bought a new special downhill tyre and tube for my bike the other day. It is as fat a tyre as I can get in the rear stays, 2.35 inches and has dual ply sidewalls for extra stiffness. The tube also can run on low PSI. I took Jadeen for a ride round the local paths and then when we got back I headed up the hills. The tyre performed very well downhill and in the rough gravel - I hit some good speeds and jumps. However it certainly was noticeable slower on the road when I was on my way home than the XC slicks I had been using. They are now hung up in the garage for days when I decide to ride road. Oh and I built a bike rack for all the bikes and scooters to be organised in the garage properly and rearranged the gym so we can actually use it - have even done some bench presses!


Now I need to do some work! Shout outs to all the webloggers meetup blog fest guys. Mick, Pete, Rob, Yaro, Danielle, Paul, Ben, Gideon and Fran.


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As one of those clients, I

As one of those clients, I hope my project isn't adding too much to the stress. It's a pleasure working with you and Rohan. Now let me go do battle with your very tough captcha! ;-)

wrong answer...trying again.

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thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback rlp
I have made the captcha easier