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Drupal for Churches

We will shortly start offering Drupal developed website development and hosting packages for Churches and other not-for-profit organisations. I have created a pre-release promotional offer over at

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Microsoft Sharepoint Deep Dive Training

I really want to go to this training session - a MOSS Deep Dive for 4 days, but.... and its a big but! Its $2860.
Still I can dream I get a contract between now and the beginning of November with a client working on Sharepoint that will pay me to go...

Heres what I would learn.
At course completion students will be able to:

  • Upgrade their Sharepoint v2 sites/portals to Sharepoint V3.
  • Implement and extend Microsoft Office client side solutions.
  • Implement custom workflows developed in Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Setup and configure Sharepoint 2007 Infrastructure.
  • Architect the ‘Portal’ and sub-sites layouts and best strategies.
  • Know what the best practices are within the Sharepoint Space.
  • Create custom WebParts and Sharepoint customizations with ease.
  • Create Site wide features and event handlers.

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Power fluctuations

Its very hard to work when the power keeps flickering. We are in the middle of storm season - lightning strikes and thunderstorms are common at the moment. Our car got damaged by hail the size of ice cubes. We have had a laptop fail and a UPS blow up! Fortunately both are under warranty.
Hopefully I will get an uninterrupted afternoon and evening of work with no more storms today. (All our pcs and network equipment are protected by UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

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I have been working hard since 8:30am. A power nap was needed at 2:30pm.
45 minutes later I was woken by a client calling my phone. Now I feel refreshed for another hour and a half of work before we go to the gym.