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Home again jiggety jig

Came back the same way I went. What took 2 hours 20 minutes to go, took 2 hours 17 minutes to come back - thats consistent driving!

Now I am home I have a massive amount of work to do. While I was away I could get into my server and process emails, manage files and other bits and pieces but my laptop does not have the same development environment for coding, making it impractical to try and work on some of the jobs I have to do. Only having 2 screens in the motel made it hard also when I’m used to working on 4.

IMG_9183 So today its diving into the code work and getting the piled up jobs out of the way and done. First some paperwork associated with being away, a strong coffee to help with that and then code code code!

Oh and we just got word yesterday on a massive database contract we tendered for in February against Oracle – we won it! So that will kick off in a couple of weeks and I need to be clear of other work. Anybody know of any Excel and VBA developers in Brisbane looking for work? Email me or use the contact form in the menu bar.

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Toowoomba - in the Suzuki Swift Sport

I am in Toowoomba now. I am currently in a motel room (pictures below) using very fast ADSL2 Internet service provided free by the motel via wireless network.

I got here the fun way.

When I wrote my motorbike off a couple of years ago I waited for some time before replacing it and eventually replaced it with the Suzuki Swift Sport. Since then I have done 18000 km but no real good driving – just city and highway work. Today I got the opportunity to really go driving with it.

The videos are on YouTube. They are all filmed on public roads using a camera held in my hand while driving and holding the wheel. So the image quality and stability is sacrificed for safety. Additionally I didn’t push the car beyond the speed limit. However the roads are so twisty that was not necessary to obtain some great footage.

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Work Schedule

I am finding my work schedule is working pretty well right now. I usually get up around 8-9am and start work within 10-15 minutes from getting up. I work through til around 4-6PM with lunch eaten at my desk thanks to my kind secretary / best friend / wife, From there I spend time with the kids and family, or go out to football CB108165_LoRes training Tuesday night and basketball coaching Thursday night. The exception is Monday night where I break at 3:30 for running and hen start back into work at 5PM. Wednesday nights I do not go back to work until after everybody is in bed – around 11PM. The nights are then mine. I am finding that I can get in 4-6 hours each night before heading to bed around 2-3AM. Thursday nights I usually work right through til 4 or 5AM.

I have been taking some breaks to watch the tennis because this fits into the same waking time anyway (Wimbledon runs from 11:30PM to 3 or 4AM here).

This work schedule works best for the family and me. I don’t need more than 6 hours sleep anyway, and sometimes less. I have a very good sleep pattern and I can tell from my Xobni Stats that I am nearly always asleep between the hours of 4 and 8am.. The family gets my time from between 5 or 6pm and bedtime and also in weekends, particularly Sunday and plenty of regular sports and exercise means I am keeping fit. Clients in America are able to access me from around 10PM through 2AM my time when I am always awake and nearly always on the computer.

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Too much to stop and blog?

Sometimes it feels like so much has happened since the last time I wrote on here that I don’t have time to stop and get it down. And that makes it worse because then there is even more that has happened.

So this is not so much an attempt at a catch up as just a rambling post covering various things that have happened to me recently.


AFL2 We played a night game Saturday night. We won in the last few minutes after a pretty tough contest. They got an early lead and then we had to peg them back. I played defence for 3 quarters with one entire quarter off the ground. I did give away a 50 metre penalty in the last quarter with a few minutes to go and we were leading by 5. Fortunately he missed his kick at goal and we rushed it through for a behind. We ended up winning by 4 points.