Toowoomba - in the Suzuki Swift Sport

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I am in Toowoomba now. I am currently in a motel room (pictures below) using very fast ADSL2 Internet service provided free by the motel via wireless network.

I got here the fun way.

When I wrote my motorbike off a couple of years ago I waited for some time before replacing it and eventually replaced it with the Suzuki Swift Sport. Since then I have done 18000 km but no real good driving – just city and highway work. Today I got the opportunity to really go driving with it.

The videos are on YouTube. They are all filmed on public roads using a camera held in my hand while driving and holding the wheel. So the image quality and stability is sacrificed for safety. Additionally I didn’t push the car beyond the speed limit. However the roads are so twisty that was not necessary to obtain some great footage.

Mt Glorious uphill eastern side videoMt Glorious uphill eastern side Google map

Mt Glorious top rain forest 1 video - Mt Glorious top rain forest 1 Google Map

Mt Glorious top rain forest 2 video - Mt Glorious top rain forest 2 Google Map

Mt Glorious descent Western side video - Mt Glorious descent Western side Google map

Wivenhoe dam crossing video - Wivenhoe dam crossing Google Map

Ravensbourne Forest video - Ravensbourne Forest Google Map

What am I doing in Toowoomba? I am working on a financial process review for a mental health community care organisation. They provide a clubhouse for people recovering from mental illness and preparing to get back into the workforce. There certainly are some interesting characters. I might see if I can get some photos later. Today I had lunch with a  grizzled old character who was full of fun, a slow speaking country boy and a chap with a scarred up face and liquid brown eyes who dribbled his gravy all over his chin/ I have promised to listen to some of his stories later. Should prove interesting!

Image863 Image864

Image865 Image867

After work I checked into the motel and then headed out for my favourite meal – red duck Thai curry. Yum! Now I have a whole bunch of notes to write up and prepare for some intensive workshops tomorrow.