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Mooncake DeepZoom Photos


Mooncake Viewer Mooncake is real easy to use and fantastic.

Its only in Beta right now but its free. It uses the Microsoft SeaDragon DeepZoom technology combined with silverlight to build massive photos files into an easy to use web based interface.

See my sample below. Its easier to use than describe.

Basically I have added a collection of close up photos from my flickr account (all point and shoot to do this) and it creates a silverlight application using the deepzoom techniology.

What that means is that it only downloads the portion and resolution of the photos you are seeing. As you drill in by clicking to zoom in and shift clicking to zoom out it loads the resolution to view what you can see.

Its a great way to let your friends and family see your high res pics easily without requiring them download gigabytes of photos.

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Pacific Dawn

This cruise liner was docked in Sydney when I was there last week. Got this snap with my phone camera through the security fence.

There’s a chap in a dinghy doing something to the anchor – gives you some idea of the scale of the vessel. She looked awesome!


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Smiley face moon and planets

On 1st November at dusk we were able to see the Moon (earths main moon – we have three actually), Venus and Jupiter form a smiley face configuration.

I got this photo of the unusual event.


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Redback Spiders

I had to take the gas bottle of the BBQ today to be refilled. The underside is a haven for Redback spiders.

I got some great photos before squashing them and fumigating the under BBQ areas.



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