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Recent Photos and Outings

From the bike park

2009-07-11 Bike Park 020 2009-07-11 Bike Park 154 2009-07-11 Bike Park 0632009-07-11 Bike Park 0602009-07-11 Bike Park 045 2009-07-11 Bike Park 0432009-07-11 Bike Park 097  2009-07-11 Bike Park 0512009-07-11 Bike Park 0392009-07-11 Bike Park 071 2009-07-11 Bike Park 078 2009-07-11 Bike Park 090 2009-07-11 Bike Park 134 2009-07-11 Bike Park 104  2009-07-11 Bike Park 138 

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Links Galore

Windows 7 – the news keeps on coming in!

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Photography, Running and Injuries

I have been doing a lot of photography lately. Something to do with getting my new gear! I’m playing with White Balance, ISO, Aperture and Shutter settings and trying different things. A lot of these things I have of course done before, but now I am doing it with good gear and I am starting to get some good results.

I’ve put some of my good photos into this article. There are lots more in my flickr account, and for those connected to me on facebook a few there as well. A couple of very good shots have made it to my red bubble account where they can be purchased.

We went on a fun run on Sunday morning. I entered int he 5km run, but had to pull out early due to an injuury sustained at squash last Friday. I have pulled / damaged / twisted a nerve in the side of my left calf and it is very sore. The good thing was that as I got back to the finish line before most people I was able to take a large number of photos that have subsequently been made available for the runners to access.

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My new camera - Canon EOS 50D

After over a month of waiting I finally collected my new camera yesterday.

I had to wait because the lenses I wanted were not in the country and I had to wait til shipments came in. Even then, the wide angle lens I was trying to purchase wasn’t available so i ended up with a somewhat cheaper lower specced lens. I did however get my good telephoto lens.

  Equipment list:


Equipment reviews that I used to make my choice from:

The-Digital-Picture website also contain sample photos taken with the lenses – made the choice a lot easier.

Now I need to get going with my photography. I have a willing subject in Kitty, and plenty of landscape shots I want to take. I will be posting photos on Flickr as usual and the best ones will get to my Red Bubble account where they will be available to purchase in various formats.