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Australia Day 2008 BBQ

Its tomorrow - one day to go. A BBQ lunch or dinner sounds fantastic.

Had to agree with Doug that his quote from Sam Kekovithc  pretty much sums up the day. From the commercial Buy Lamb for Australia Day Sam says it nicely:  Whack on the BBQ, invite everyone over — if you can’t pronounce their name, just call them “mate” –; and celebrate living in the best bloody country on Earth.


I hope to do just that.


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Time Off - and On Again - Christmas 07 Summary

I took Christmas and Boxing day off - kind of.

I didn't actually "work", but I did have to stay near the PC. Thanks to a web server crashing Christmas Eve.

At least I didn't have to think about coding.

We did have a fun couple of days though. Christmas Day started early, as it always does with kids. Mind you they got the house cleaned and their own breakfast while we "slept in". Then it was onto breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and cream and toasted croissants with ham and cheese.

Present time was preceded by the original Christmas story, found in Genesis 3 when God foretold the coming of Christ as a cure for Sin.

The kids got some smaller presents from each other, presents from grandparents, and then from us some large presents for all of them; a digital camera and a portable DVD player.

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Fireworks Photos

Christmas time is a great time for watching other people burning their money for your enjoyment. We went out to a street party put on by local council and businesses Saturday evening. The conclusion was some fireworks. Not as spectacular as the last lot, but because I had the good camera (being forewarned) and had time to fiddle with the settings to take the best fireworks shots, I got some beauties. Check them out in the fireworks Image Gallery.