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Photos from our Holiday in Tasmania

We just had 8 days in Tasmania – a fantastic family holiday with friends and extended family. It was an amazing experience for lots of reasons, just being away from work was one! Seeing a different place and taking my kids to see and experience different things was also great. I spent some time also playing with photography (not working).

I wanted to share my favourite photos from the trip. Some of these are just mobile phone captures, but the emotion was what makes them special.

2012-10-06 Launceston 0042012-10-06 Launceston 0162012-10-06 Launceston 1022012-10-06 Launceston 2132012-10-06 Launceston 2192012-10-06 Launceston 0402012-10-06 Launceston 0372012-10-06 Launceston 0382012-10-06 Launceston 0592012-10-07 Breakfast in Launceston 0132012-10-07 Tour of Tasmania Stage 9 2092012-10-07 Chocolate Factory 0022012-10-07 Tamar Valley 0312012-10-08 Cable Hang Gliding 0092012-10-08 Cable Hang Gliding 0712012-10-08 Cable Hang Gliding 1442012-10-08 Cable Hang Gliding 1872012-10-08 Cable Hang Gliding 2102012-10-08 Lunch 0122012-10-08 Lunch 0162012-10-08 Lunch 0232012-10-09 Birthday Dinner 012church 5church 92012-10-11 Park and Flowers 1042012-10-11 Park and Flowers 1212012-10-11 Park and Flowers 1612012-10-11 Park and Flowers 1572012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2142012-10-11 Park and Flowers 1662012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2182012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2572012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2852012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2952012-10-11 Park and Flowers 2962012-10-11 Park and Flowers 3512012-10-05 19.03.472012-10-06 10.51.152012-10-06 08.21.472012-10-10 17.32.102012-10-07 15.10.502012-10-08 19.26.042012-10-09 13.49.222012-10-11 14.40.35

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Final sailing post - the voyage details

This will be my last article about the sailing trip I just went on in – sailing on the yacht Kioni.

Of course navigation was a huge part of what we were doing. As this was the skippers 16th trip down the east coast he was very experienced with bot the conditions and the navigational aspects including the hundres of islands and shoals we had to avoid. We had plenty of charts, a plotter, depth gauges and so on as well as a hand held GPS unit that Hylton brought with him. We used this for night time navigation and also instant navigation on deck without having to go down to the plotter or charts below.

Hylton kindly gave me the GPX track files from the GPS which I converted to Google Earth KMZ files using the GPS Visualiser website.

I have loaded the results into Google Earth and then screen shot using One Note the various legs as well as the whole trip.

For those who want to do this themselves I have included the KMZ files here as attachments. Note there is a little bit missing from one day as we left Yeppoon and also the last little bit into Southport. Total distance sailed was around 680 nautical miles.


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Day 7 Sailing Trip Mooloolaba to Southport

My last day sailing on Kioni was spent mostly not sailing. The wind was 5-9 knots and most of the time we motored on this leg. I did a lot of helm work while others caught up on sleep or reading. I also managed to shoot some whales and tried to get dolphins but they proved too fast. We also saw a sea turtle but by the time I got my camera up it was gone.

One of the funniest photos was this first one of the rocks outside Mooloolaba – there was a boat up on the rocks.

IMG_6788 IMG_6805 IMG_6818 IMG_6823

The last bit of the trip into Mooloolaba was interesting as we crossed a bar with some good surf running as we came into the Southport channel. Then it was down to the dock and tying up before heading to the Palazzo Versace where I had a room booked and my wife waiting for me!

The next morning we headed back to the boat as we were doing a photo shoot with Cheryl and Courtney to promote Kioni as well as get some great shots.

2009-09-17 Yacht Photo Shoot 083 2009-09-17 Yacht Photo Shoot 072 2009-09-17 Yacht Photo Shoot 075 2009-09-17 Yacht Photo Shoot 110 2009-09-17 Yacht Photo Shoot 056

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Days 4, 5 and 6 Sailing Trip Yeppoon to Mooloolaba

We spent 56 odd hours on this leg on Kioni

The wind was too strong to leave Yeppoon as scheduled so we had an extra 12 hours layover waiting for the tide so we could leave the marina. We walked around, ate lots of food, drank lots of coffee and took lots of photos.

IMG_5634 IMG_5640 IMG_5680 IMG_5727 IMG_5785 IMG_5794 IMG_5645 IMG_5704 IMG_5817