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Australia Day 2008 BBQ

Its tomorrow - one day to go. A BBQ lunch or dinner sounds fantastic.

Had to agree with Doug that his quote from Sam Kekovithc  pretty much sums up the day. From the commercial Buy Lamb for Australia Day Sam says it nicely:  Whack on the BBQ, invite everyone over — if you can’t pronounce their name, just call them “mate” –; and celebrate living in the best bloody country on Earth.


I hope to do just that.


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Making Scones

I had a dream about making scones last night with meat in them. While thats a bit weird, I can make really good scones - in fact I have even won prizes for them.

So I thought I would give the recipe I use and the creative combinations of "special" ingredients that make them good.

Scones follow a basic recipe that has the same proportions of things. I'm using 3 of everything below, but you could use 1 or 2 or 5 if you wanted.


Start with a large enough mixing bowl for how much you are going to make.