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Cool tools round up

A bunch of great things have come across my desk lately – haven’t got time to write about them all so here’s the links. go read them yourself.

tools Outlook signatures – how to back them up from one pc / profile to another

Latest release of Live Mesh – the news from the Liveside blog

Office Live Update 1.1

Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus

Open Source Mission - Bible Translation Wiki and Andree Yee – as introduced by Marcus Goodyear

CCBlogs – we built this site! go read the cool theological discussions that are happening here.

Not sure if I shared this one before or not. I built this social site for the basketball team I coach using Ning software – its great. Use it for free to develop a great social site for your organisation. Can be public or private.

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Live Mesh is an amazing development tool

I have been using Live Mesh now for several weeks and I cannot now do without it. It is an amazing tool and not just for developers. This is a product that everybody should be using. It is simply awesome. Here's why:

  • Its free. Yup – free. as in it doesn't cost anything, and effectively it gives you 8gb of online backup. Free. Did you get that. Free.
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Large file sharing services

We wrote an article previously about various file sharing services.

I have come across several more since and will simply post them up as links with the details of what they offer below.

Service name Need an account? Need to be logged in to access files? Maximum file size Streaming of files Other details
Box.netlogo-2 Yes No File size 10Mb for free account and 1Gb for paid, maximum box size 1Gb for free account, 5Gb and 15Gb for paid accounts No can be accessed via email, integrates with MS Office 2003 and 2007, mobile access and phone support for paid accounts
Eat Lime No No 1G when registered Yes New video sharing version also
File Dropperfiledropper logo small No No 7 day trial - 50Gb
$0.99 per month 5Gb
$5 per month 50GB
$10 per month 250Gb
No Files are in public space - you share the link
File Mail No No 2Gb No Files are shared by uploading to server - and then the server emails your recipients with a link to download from
File Crunch No No 250Mb
Unlimited storage
No Supports file resuming
Windows Live Folder Share Yes - Windows Live Yes 2Gb   Works on Mac and PC
Synchronise between PC and the internet

Updated 23 July 2008



No No 5 Different plans ranging from free to $80 per month
Free gets you 1GB per month with max file size of 100mb
No Files are shared by uploading to server - and then the server emails your recipients with a link to download from
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Quick Links

Just a few things I have come across today.

Microsoft have announced a new tool - This a tool that lets users invite their friends from partner social networks (Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged and LinkedIn) to WindowsLive Messenger.

Thanks to the Mark Harrison for the heads up.

I invited my facebook friends and already some of them have added me.

In case of Sith, break glass and use lightsaber - Starwars themed bus stop in New York - via Geeks are Sexy.

New One Note 2007 training course for beginners via Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog.