I like the colour green right now

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We have had so much rain lately that everything is green – and i really liking it. Green is a colour with so many shades – and the constant source of arguments for my wife and I as to whether something is blue or green!

I have taken some really nice photos using the green colour in the background to offset the subject. I would love to have feedback on these pictures – which do you like, or not like and why?

Click read more to see the photos.

2010-01-02 Around Narangba 022 2010-01-05 Urban Habitat Destruction 051 2010-01-04 Jadeen and Donut 004 2010-01-01 Iceblocks 009 2009-12-31 Jadeen 006 2009-12-23 Plants 009


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I like the picture of the

I like the picture of the donut with whip cream because donuts are my favorite treat