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The High Calling PhotoPlay Invitation this week is titled Spotting Good, picking 5 good photos and why i like them and then inspiring me to do something.

I picked these 5 photos for these reasons:


By Kelly Langner Sauser

I love the depth of field and the colour here - this photo indicates time and patience. Seeing the potential in a shot is one thing, getting it takes time and patience, a photographers best friends sometimes.

The baby cheeses

By strobe_flash

This i like due to the richness of the colours and the composition. I can imagine the photographer going back and forward from his view finder tot he table adjusting things as he sets up the shot. Getting it just right.


By Chang Tao-Tzu

I like the insight into a private world of a flower - fascinating and not usually noticed.

Dragoncon 2010

By Anna Fischer

I love Anna's people photos. This one i favourited because of the background as much as of the person. I liked the perspective.


By Gislene Costa

The power of the internet. I met Gislene through Flickr, and we comment on each others photos. I love the riot of colours in this one and the focus on the detail in the centre.

My photo.

2010-11-21 Ramsay Meakin Wedding 1129

Being privileged to shoot a weeding is fantastic. There is a lot of preparation that goes into being the photographer, making sure you know and plan what sort of shots you are going to get so that the day doesn't just happen. i spent weeks going through images, looking at other peoples wedding photos, reading blogs, choosing ideas in my mind, practising some of them on other shoots and getting ready. I had planned this shot from way before the day. I like it - its the last shot of the shoot as the couple go off on their honeymoon. Seriously - we were the last to see them as they left our shoot to go to their hotel.

Thanks David and Esther for letting me be part of your wedding - i wish you the best in your marriage together,


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Tim, Thanks for joining in.


Thanks for joining in.

I enjoy the detail on the second image. As you say the time factor is often the most important.

PhotoPlay will go live this Friday afternoon.


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Oh, that wedding photo is so

Oh, that wedding photo is so sweet. They look so young. Sigh.

That bread and cheese makes me hungry, and I really, really like Gislene's photo. Awesome.

Sandra Heska King

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These photos are awesome!

These photos are awesome! Great picks! And I really like the wedding photo too... I had the pleasure of officiating a wedding recently, and it's always special to play a role (officiating or photographing) in such a special day for people. Really cool...

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This comment is from Dan King

This comment is from Dan King @ BibleDude.net...

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Thanks Dan!

Thanks Dan!