High Calling Photo Play Get Out in Black and White

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The high calling photo play titled Get Out In Black and White challenged us to look at things differently.

As I was in the city taking a photo of a statue for someone on Flickr in Dublin who needed a photo from Brisbane, I decided to plop down on the corner of a busy intersection and just shoot in the two directions that were immediately 90 degrees in front of me. I then cut down to the top 27 pictures of people - just average every day people going about their business, mostly unaware of me taking photos (the advantage of a 70-200 zoom lens.

Claire challenged us to do the following:

      • Find a place where there is a lot of activity.
      • Fade into the scene by finding a comfortable place to sit or stand.
      • Identify an object or person you would like to capture.
      • Capture your subject in relation to the whole setting.
      • Covert to black and white or use the black and white function on your camera. Email me if you do not know how to do this.
      • Blog about the experience and tell us how it stretched you. Also tell us about the boredom you feel, or don’t feel, when it comes to taking pictures. If you want to just give a description to an image on Flickr, that is also acceptable.

How did this stretch me? It forced me to evaluate the actual surroundings. usually i just shoot people - because people interest me. today I was challenged to consider the context. I tried to get the same spot for most of the shots, showing the slight uphill climb, the busy corner, the wait for the crossing lights, and to capture the people in that space. I used a very shallow depth of field deliberately as I still wanted the people to be the primary focus point, but there's enough detail in the multitude of images to display the life of the corner as people pass through it.

2010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 002-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 003-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 006-bw-bw-200

2010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 007-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 008-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 009-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 011-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 012-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 013-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 014-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 017-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 023-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 025-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 028-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 036-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 042-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 045-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 048-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 049-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 050-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 051-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 052-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 053-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 054-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 056-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 059-bw-bw-2002010-12-11 Brisbane City 2 corners 061-bw-bw-200


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Anonymous's picture

Fun pictures! And it looks

Fun pictures! And it looks warm there. I'm a bit jealous - my furnace just kicked on and outside it's 11degrees!

Anonymous's picture

What a great variety of

What a great variety of stances ... you captured some really interesting activity.

jethro's picture

thanks guys - i have to add

thanks guys - i have to add the gravatar module to this site i think!

L.L. Barkat's picture

Is that a .... pot holder on

Is that a .... pot holder on his hand? :) The one on the right. And it's my favorite.

jethro's picture

not a pot holder - small

not a pot holder - small images dont show the detail
hes actually holding a subway sandwich bag and a kebab bag

Claire's picture

Hi Tim, This was like a

Hi Tim,

This was like a stroll in a gallery.

Street photography is my favourite type of imagery. It is so expressive.

I have chosen the lady lifting her hem as the gallery one.

Others I enjoy:
The family in a seemingly very big hurry.
The elderly lady with her white hair and handbag. She is very elegant. The image is framed very well.

jethro's picture

Thanks Claire the family in a

Thanks Claire
the family in a hurry were rushing to make the lights. the girl with the hem lifted - she was wearing a clingy material sort of dress and it was very hot and sticky, she carried it like that into the frame and then kept it there.
the elderly lady was so different from everybody else there that day.
i find it fascinating watching people - and the photos i chose were the best of each person (imho) - most of them i had more than one of. what i find even more interesting is others response to them - thanks for your comments

A Simple Country Girl's picture

Tim, did the top left gal see

Tim, did the top left gal see you? Looks like she's smiling right at ya!

The middle top fella strikes my fancy...it is his dazed and confused expression that I relate to. Oh and thanks for clearing up the Subway sandwich thing. I thought he was stuffing a scarf into the bag. Uh, then I realized you were on a warm street corner! I am quick like that. ;-)


jethro's picture

yes she saw me - and the

yes she saw me - and the couple walked right by me after crossing the street.
middle of the day here in brisbane, probably 70-80% humidity and 30 odd degrees centigrade.

Sandra Heska King's picture

These are amazing. You make a

These are amazing. You make a great spy!

jethro's picture

thanks sandra - except i was

thanks sandra - except i was sitting in plain view on the street corner!