Excel Function of the week - ISNA

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The ISNA function is an Information Function. It is is used to return information about the status of a cell, or specifically another functions results. The most common use I have for this function is to validate the VLOOKUP function. If the VLOOKUP function is looking for a value that can not be found in the lookup range, then it will return #N/A as the result. Thus it is good to wrap that function in an IF Statement using the ISNA function to replace the #N/A results with something else – e.g. a text string such as “error” or maybe a zero.



Remember the ISNA function returns a TRUE or FALSE. These equate to a 1 or 0 so can be used in formulas such as array formulas as well.


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Wow, you do learn something

Wow, you do learn something new everyday. ISNA is new to me so thanks for pointing it out. I can already see where it can be used in a few of my spreadsheets, thanks so much for this!

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Ha ha pretty cool function

Ha ha pretty cool function man, thanks for sharing will try this.

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Thanks for sharing this,

Thanks for sharing this, sometime I forget the excel basics, thanks for the reminder...PariuriRezultate FotbalCote Pariuri Online

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This post is a marvelous one

This post is a marvelous one as it acquainted me about the use of ISNA function in excel with a pictorial representation of the functions application with example.It acted as a self -tutor for me,therefore I praise you a lot for sharing your knowledge about excel.

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Great footer resources, you

Great footer resources, you gave me some inspiration for a project I am currently completing.

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Being a Quality Specialists,

Being a Quality Specialists, sure we work on different Excel workbook with Macros, Vlookup, different formulas. The ISNA fundtion is really helpful in VLookUp and I can really understand your explanation on this one. It adds up to my understanding. Nice job!

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at first I didn't know about

at first I didn't know about this excel function because I honestly don't know yet about this. I only knew the basic that is why i need to learn excel 2010.

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Its a good function,working

Its a good function,working fine thanx......