Dreamcoat Photography - Family Portraits

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Jude and I have started a new business – Dreamcoat Photography. The website is not up yet, but we will be building it in the near future.

We are taking family portraits and will be soon open for business.

In the meantime here are some of the photos we have taken so far.

IMG_8576 IMG_8556 IMG_8619 2009-10-09 Redcliffe Pier and Jacaranda Tree 121  IMG_8591 2009-10-09 Redcliffe Pier and Jacaranda Tree 244


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matt's picture

Looking good Tim! I'm really

Looking good Tim! I'm really liking the design so far as well! Just one little bitty thing I noticed. Down in the foot where it reads "Designed by Jethro." the address it currently points to is -> http://dreamcoatphotography.com/www.jethroconsultants.com

That's pretty simple to fix though! I hope the new business goes well for ya mate!

jethro's picture

thanks matt cheers

thanks matt