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Internet filtering - what a joke

Its happened. Labours new minister for the idiots - I mean Internet, has advised that they will be supporting mandatory ISP filtering - supposedly to protect children from pornography. Download their "plan for cyber safety". The plan starts of talking about the need to educate and a combined approach by parents and teachers - sounds good. How do they plan to do this? By providing a mandatory clean feed. What the heck is that?

Lachlan Heyward from the Herald Sun writes:

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said everything possible had to be done to shield children from violent and pornographic online material.

"We have always argued more needs to be done to protect children," he said.

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Wow - my adrenalin is pumping now.
Someone just tried to break in. I was working in my office right beside the front door, and the door was open, though the screen door was locked. Someone tried the handle a couple of times and I bolted around and grabbed my big piece of malacca cane that is by the front door. By the time I had the outside light on and the door open whoever it was had bolted.
If they come back I'm ready!