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Took a fun break from my computer yesterday for 15 minutes or so. The girls have been learning belly dancing at Girls Brigade, and of course Jude has learnt it before, so the girls strapped on the jangly stuff and did a dance. I got my Egyptian drum out and provided the beats while the girls went through their shimmying and shaking. Great stuff!

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New friends to play with

We have some new friends!

A home schooling family who live just up the road from us, go to one of our friends churches and work in the same space!

Neil looks after http://mptv.com.au/index.htm 

We went to the park and played frisbee with their 7 kids ranging from 19 yrs to 15 months. Then we headed back to our place for a BBQ. Following that we went to basketball and took their 4 oldest kids. Great time had by all and more playing to come I am sure.

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Running and The Terminal

Did a lot of running today - ran 2 kms in 12 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up and then about another 4-5km or so in jogging interspersed with short sprints. (more sprinting than jogging!) Corey was tough on us but its all good!

Jude and I watched The Terminal tonight - really funny movie. I was crying with laughter at the romantic dinner scene.

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We all went for a walk on Friday afternoon with Grandad Miller while Grandma had a rest.
Jude took quite a few photos including the two here of us having a rest on one of the paths in our estate and Grandad and I giving the two littlest ones a ride home.
She also snapped a great macro photo of two lady birds mating.
We explored through some swamps, jungles, islands and twisting pathways, finding hidden playgrounds, animals and creek crossings using fallen logs and stepping stones. Lots of fun!