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Broke my nail :(

Actually I bent it right back on itself. About 1/3rd of the nail from the front was bent right back and standing up straight out. I got Jude to flip it back down.

How did I do that?

Catching frisbee in the park. Stress relief day today - aka family time. Took the kids to the park and played chase and catch the kids in the sand and the bushes, then parkour dive and rolls, then frisbee, then more jumping and playing, then kicking the football. After we came home all sandy and grimy and cleaned up we watched 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and then played Carcasonne online.

Now I am procrastinating instead of working, but will get stuck back into upgrading www.afana.com in a few minutes. We won the tender to do the major site upgrade they mention on the front page. We will also be advertising on the site for the next 12 months.

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Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links I have found lately.

fitsugar.com/ My wife actually found this one and reads the health and exercise sections, food and products combined with some celeb fitness, shopping, fashion and tech.

This group of commonly branded websites targets web savvy, body conscious women. The sub headings include:

sugarloving.com/ Link love

popsugar.com/ The insanely addictive

buzzsugar.com/ Entertainment hourly

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Walking around the lake

I took the kids out for a walk late Wednesday afternoon while I had a break from programming. They wanted to go to a new park, so I took them up to a park the other side of estate that they haven't been to for ages. They loved playing on the playground equipment as there was some different things there, some leap frog mushrooms and a climbing wall for example.

More importantly there is a lake there, and there were 3 black swans on it. I only had the phone camera so the photos aren't very flash. More on Flickr.