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Jude's Birthday Party

I tried an experiment yesterday while out for dinner for Jude's Birthday. I set my mobile phone up on a pole overlooking the main dinner table the adults were sitting at. Then I set the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds. The end result was a lot of photos that I then turned into a short movie using Windows Movie Maker. I uploaded it onto YouTube. Here is the result.

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Happy Birthday Little Sister

Its my littlest sister's birthday today. Heres a pic I made for her.
Priscilla and Sjoerd (George) have 2 cute kids, Johanna and Jacob with number 3 on the way.
Lets hope there's many more happy years yet.
Happy birthday little princess.

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Weekend Birthday Party

The weekend was mostly spent I not working - the theme to the weekend. Apart from one short appointment that was supposed to happen on Saturday (and ended up being postponed to Monday) I barely touched a computer for work!

Mercedes turned 4 on Saturday so that was lots of fun. We had presents early (as usual) and then I spent a lot of time playing with her, helping her draw and colour in with her new coloured pencils and markers, paying with her new ball (from Grandad and Grandma) and lots of other fun things.

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Birthday party was fun

The party was lots of fun.
We ate, talked played poker and munchkins and had a ball of fun.
The kids ran amok, watched movies and played games and chatted - they had fun as well. Miranda made 2 new friends her age.

I enjoyed myself immensely - its great having family and friends around.
Thanks to all who made it soooo good.