Weekend Birthday Party

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The weekend was mostly spent I not working - the theme to the weekend. Apart from one short appointment that was supposed to happen on Saturday (and ended up being postponed to Monday) I barely touched a computer for work!

Mercedes turned 4 on Saturday so that was lots of fun. We had presents early (as usual) and then I spent a lot of time playing with her, helping her draw and colour in with her new coloured pencils and markers, paying with her new ball (from Grandad and Grandma) and lots of other fun things.

Later in the afternoon we we all went down to the creek behind the park. We decided to build a dam, and spend a couple of hours dragging logs and branches into the creek and floating them down to where we built the dam. We had a pool of water that was well up my chest. My brother Jono has been staying with us for a week and he helped build the dam as well. We all walked home from that tired and wet but we had a lot of fun. We will go back later this week to see how it has held up!


We have been playing a lot of games while Jono has been here with Settlers, Carcasonne and Pente being favourites. On Friday night we had Matt and Rhi over for dinner and games and had a blast. They ended up going home at 2am!


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Good for you. We both know

Good for you. We both know you needed to stay away from computers.