WebSite building in Drupal

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drupal-logo1 We have been working a lot in Drupal lately.

Currently we have just completed a site (can't give details sorry) for a client that had very exacting requirements. We were very proud of the work we pulled off as a team and the client thanked us profusely. Here is what she wrote to us:

I just wanted to give you and your team a very BIG THANK YOU!!!! for everything you have done to getting this project complete and working so well!

She has two new jobs to pass to us. We received the first scope document yesterday.

We are currently working on a e-commerce site and using Ubercart. This is a  shopping cart system for Drupal. The best thing about Ubercart has to be their documentation. It absolutely rocks. It is easy to understand, very thorough and ordered, and massive. There are pages and pages of notes and all very easy to understand. Kudos to these guys for such awesome documentation - thanks a lot! I will link to the site once we go live.

We also have 2 other client sites we are building right now that we are using Drupal version 6 for. This is very good for us to get under our belt, both from a design and configuration perspective.

I have had so much work on with these jobs that I have had to employ another designer as well as a Drupal configuration expert. So once again our team has expanded.


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Tagged ya! Check my site to

Tagged ya! Check my site to get the rules