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It is hard to write about inane gadgets and web stuff while the horrific conflict in Gaza continues. I hope Israel can rout out the monsters who use innocent civilians and children as human shields while they perpetrate their hatred.

why palestinian children get killed As some commentators have asked, which generation will decide to end the hatred? It must take so much resolve for Israel to go in and brave the international outcry from uninformed bigots and even attacks from within their own country. I hope they do not bow to pressure and stop until they have destroyed both the infrastructure for terror and the leaders of this organisation. Maybe then the mothers will have a chance to teach their children forgiveness and tolerance without the rabid fanatics brainwashing them with hatred of their neighbours. Some pictures if you have the stomach for them.

Anyway – here’s the round up of stuff I haven’t got time to review individually but wanted to share.

Helpless: A New Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Video by Keith Loutit - This one is named “Helpless” and features the daily activity of everything happening at a Bondi beach in Australia.

Qik has Support for 20+ NEW phones so you don't miss any holiday moments!

Between New Worlds has two interesting articles about technology:

Facebook Trojan Virus... Not a problem if you have a Windows Home Server.

Speedtest for your internet connection. Other cool internet IR related tools there as well – email trace, IP trace, IP Whois proxy checkers etc.

I have belatedly created a last.fm account so you can track my music collection and listening preferences. It seems skewed a little, but that is maybe because i listen to random play all a lot.