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Geek Girl Blogger - Kate Foy

This weeks blogger is Kate Foy from Australia! Yeah!

clip_image001Name: Kate Foy
Screen Name: Dramagirl
Personal Blog/s: - -
Social Networks: 
Twitter (Dramagirl)
Facebook (Kate Foy)
Tumblr (Dramagirl)
Seesmic (Dramagirl)
Delicious (Dramagirl and Expressive Plus). I also play in other spots (Jaiku, use Digg and 12Seconds) but less so. The networks above seem to work just fine.
Current Employment: Freelance consultant and creative arts professional.
Location/country: Toowoomba, Australia.

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Geek Girl Blogger - Maria G

This week we are featuring computer programmer Maria from the the USA as our GGB, her survey is below!

Name: Maria G.
Screen Name: Goldie
Person Blogs: (English) (Russian).
Social Networks:, LinkedIn.
Current Employment: Programmer at a small company.
Location: Ohio, USA

MariaG.meandalexEdit What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

Depends on my mood really. Sometimes I blog to vent or to express my opinion about something. I lived in Russia for the first thirty years of my life, and that, I believe, offers me a fresh perspective on many things I see around me living in the US today. Other times it is to share information with my readers. Some days I use the blog as a creative outlet for my writing, and there are times when I use it as a social network. I started out as more of a mommyblogger, but that changed as my two sons became teenagers and I suddenly found it not kosher for myself to discuss their lives in public. I still share my opinions on parenting, though. I have a rather unorthodox approach to parenting and am passionate about this subject. I still do have my sons in mind as I write, but in a different sense than before. I try to write something that they can later come back to and read. By "later", I mean that distant future when their mother is not the uncool old lady anymore!

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Geek Girl Dinner Brisbane 2 - coming soon

The second Geek Girl Dinner for Brisbane has been scheduled for Thursday night on the 23rd of October 2008.


The dinner will be held at Verve Cafe, Brisbane City.
Starting at 6:30pm and going till around 10:30pm or whenever.

Tickets to the dinner are free. You can claim a ticket at This Geek Link, ticket sale ends on the 20th of October. This dinner is unsponsored so you’ll have to pay for your own dinner.

You can check out the menu at
(Note there’s an express banquet for 8 or more people).

I’m sure the night will be as enjoyable as the last.


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Geek Girl Blogger - Cathy McCaughan

Hey there readers of GGB. I am sorry there hasn’t been any new surveys since the 5th of this month, and it is now the 25th. Ah, that’s 20 days! But there were other things like the dinner. Anyway, I enjoyed doing the job of creating the GGB article again, and Cathy McCaughan’s survey in particular was very enjoyable! Make sure you read her response to what her motivation for blogging is. Her blog is also really enjoyable to read. Don’t lose interest in this survey because of her occupation as a mom (mum) when you may have expected some fancy tech title. She is indeed a tech girl and her occupation as a mom is one of the most important jobs out there, so much respect for that.    Toodles!

Name: Cathy McCaughan
CathyMcCaughan02Screen Name: I use my real name for all posts and comments.  "I yam what I yam."  Although technically I am a transparent blogger, I think I can accurately be called a naked blogger. ;-)
Personal Blog/s: My blog is: 
but all of the family blogs can be found at:
Social Networks:

Twitter    Ning    Facebook
Current Employment:
Just an old hippie mom.
Location: USA, Tennessee, Knoxville, at a table in the corner of the kitchen