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Mobile web and Drupal

There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstandings out there – so first let me clarify what we mean by mobile web and give you some nomenclature to use.

First of all there are a number of different mobile platforms. These can be loosely grouped by the OS (operating system). There are also 3 specifically different ways to port web to the mobile environment.


  • Windows Mobile (Smartphone)
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • Nokia (Symbian)
  • Android
  • Others – e.g. Samsung, Treo, Siemens etc have their own proprietary systems in most cases.
  • Java

imgres  Each of these platforms is simply the operating system that the mobile device is using as its base system. What that system is will then predetermine what applications can run on it and how that works for the web. The best two in my opinion are the Windows Mobile and the iPhone because they are specifically built to replicate the desktop experience on the mobile device (though the iPhone I believe has some limitations with java support – that may be fixed now)

The other systems have carrying capabilities to run different web browsers on them – and this can also have an impact on what the mobile experience is like.

Browsers and access to web

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The week in review

I don’t know why I seem to write massive link posts lately – maybe because i have been very busy with my three major priorities, family, work and photography. However this is a priority as well, so I need to allocate some time to write soon. In the mean time I am going to clear my browser of the tabs that are open there.

2009-11-06 BTUB 123 Here goes – and have a great weekend. Oh – and this photo was my favourite of the week. I took it in low light, no flash using the 70-200 2.8 IS L Lens.

Exposure 1/128, Aperture f2.8, focal length 170mm, ISO 2000

Photography Links

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Random assorted information

Starting with what do people do all day? The New York Times has an interactive chart of what people do all day broken by various demographics. Very cool to view.

Print Change the world – start by changing your underpants. Pact is a lingerie company with some major differences. Check out their website.

PACT's motto is CHANGE STARTS WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR. The purchase of PACT underwear is participation in a social movement: when you buy PACT underwear, you are supporting and encouraging organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and businesses that form partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in our world

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My new camera - Canon EOS 50D

After over a month of waiting I finally collected my new camera yesterday.

I had to wait because the lenses I wanted were not in the country and I had to wait til shipments came in. Even then, the wide angle lens I was trying to purchase wasn’t available so i ended up with a somewhat cheaper lower specced lens. I did however get my good telephoto lens.

  Equipment list:


Equipment reviews that I used to make my choice from:

The-Digital-Picture website also contain sample photos taken with the lenses – made the choice a lot easier.

Now I need to get going with my photography. I have a willing subject in Kitty, and plenty of landscape shots I want to take. I will be posting photos on Flickr as usual and the best ones will get to my Red Bubble account where they will be available to purchase in various formats.