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Starting with what do people do all day? The New York Times has an interactive chart of what people do all day broken by various demographics. Very cool to view.

Print Change the world – start by changing your underpants. Pact is a lingerie company with some major differences. Check out their website.

PACT's motto is CHANGE STARTS WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR. The purchase of PACT underwear is participation in a social movement: when you buy PACT underwear, you are supporting and encouraging organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and businesses that form partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in our world

Kayla from Xobni writes in the company blog some good email writing techniques – linking to Leo Babauta from WebWorkerDaily for these gems:

  • Use the minimum amount of sentences.
  • State what you want right away.
  • Write about only one thing.
  • Leave out the humor and emotions.
  • Use “if…then” statements.
  • Review for ambiguity, clarity.
  • Revise for conciseness.

Windows Live

Live Movie Maker has been upgraded majorly – ready for Windows 7 – and presumably for Wave 4 when it comes. In the meantime it can be downloaded as part of the live suite or on its own. The features missing from the previous versions after the upgrade from the old MovieMaker are back thank goodness.

Key features

  • Auto Movie: … it’s back.  Just select some images/video and some music, and let auto movie create your production for you.  Yes it’s that simple.
  • Video editing: Select a piece of video, set in and out times, do a simple copy/paste to capture multiple pieces of video out of a longer piece.  Again, very simple.
  • Fit content to music length: with one click, Movie Maker will fit your content to the length of video you select.  Now that’s useful!
  • Share Online: While it pains us to give so much attention to the “G word”, publishing to YouTube, or to DVD.  A publish to Facebook plugin is available, with more to come.
  • Get Windows Live Movie Maker now
  • More specific details and highlights
  • More news and screenshots of Live Movie Maker

Publish your photosynths to facebook

Windows Live tricks and hints – get more out of messenger, photo gallery etc.

Get the revised windows live suite – there’s lots of updates that have been “silently” announced.

Forget the coffee shop — meet in a virtual study space

The digital fridge - New ways to show off your kid's schoolwork

The correct way to use hotmail to attached scanned documents

Windows 7

Scenic Ribbon UI framework to be backported to Vista with “Windows 7 Client Platform Update”

A “Windows 7 interoperability pack” creatively dubbed the “Windows 7 Client Platform Update” will be made available via Windows Update by October. This “recommended” update will then have to be installed manually by the user or silently triggered by the application setup to be applied.

Three New Windows 7 Themes

For Microsoft partners with the MAPS subscription – download windows 7 final versions now – as we speak i am downloading Ultimate 64 bit and Professional 32 and 64 bit versions.

Compare Windows 7 versions – which one is right for you?


interesting story about how OneNote is making Pfizer 15% more effective

Other Microsoft News and Links

Find Software Updates for your Windows PC Automatically. Services to help you update non Microsoft software more easily.

Microsoft and Nokia Form Global Alliance to Design, Develop and Market Mobile Productivity Solutions. Nokia smartphones will be fully integrated with Microsoft Office Mobile – w00t!

Office 2010 news

More backstage information and changes. See previous post containing links to the backstage story.

And Office 2010 backstage part 3 – the info tab

helpdeskwarningArpan Shah blogs his Top Office 2010 features. In short they are:

  1. Office Web Applications
  2. Screen clippings
  3. image Background Removal
  4. Outlook User Experience
  5. Video Editing
  6. PowerPoint Broadcasting
  7. PowerPoint Transitions
  8. Copy / Paste
  9. SharePoint Workspace
  10. Sparklines – which i have already talked about


JoeTech reviews a Vuzix iWear AV310 Wide Screen Head Mounted Display In Style


Help desk warning – link for the picture above.

Do you want to date my avatar – a funny satirical spoof of online MMORPG gamers and RPG fantasy players. Thanks to Geeks are Sexy


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Anonymous's picture

ha ha ha..that is too funny.

ha ha ha..that is too funny.

Anonymous's picture

Ridiculous. Organic cotton

Ridiculous. Organic cotton farmers? Why should we buy that underwear to support them, they are freaking farmers, can't they grow what ever kind of cotton or other plant they want.