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AFL Tomorrow I head off to my first training night with an AFL Masters team - for 40's and over. The good news is they only play once a fortnight to allow time for injuries to heal!

I have upped the intensity of my exercise to get me tuned up. I am pushing harder in my running - yesterday I ran up the hill I normally cycle up (as my bike chain is broken) and then back down again. Was a good hard session and I lost 1.6Kgs doing it.


I have also stepped up the intensity with the Thursday night basketball crew, now running more and more fitness and skills drills before we have a half court scrimmage. The net result they have asked me to coach the basketball and volleyball teams for their school tournament in October. Today I met with school guy to get official approval for this - pending discussions should be a done deal. After that I went straight to the library and checked out some coaching youth basketball and volleyball books. Drills will be getting tougher!


I'll check in after tomorrow night's training with a report on how I am fairing there. On and a long overdue update on my thyroid - it has almost come back to normal. It appears that maybe the radioactive iodine dose I was hit with 2 years ago is finally starting to work.

Over and Out.


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Now way, you play Australian

Now way, you play Australian rules football? Been watching it for years on the television in the rare time when it appears late at night. Have NO idea how it is played but am fascinated by the bouncing and bopping and all of that.

you da man.

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glad u watch it - its an

glad u watch it - its an awesome game
ive been playing for a few years now - last year i played regular comp but im looking forward to playing with blokes my own age now - the 18 yrs olds are too hard to catch - they do crunch nicely when you tackle them though!