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This is a “real” blog post. Doesn’t feel that way yet? That’s cos I am still rambling. Or is that why it is a real blog post? Maybe this has something to do with the fact that it is the absolutely unheard hour of 6:30am and I was awake at 5:30 and have consumed a very nice coffee and am buzzing!

TokayGeckoSo lets deal with the facts involved here. First off the screen door slamming about 3 metres from head while I was asleep and in the middle of a strange confused dream where I was involved in counter terrorist warfare including a shootout in a barn where I stopped bullets matrix slow motion style using a leather cushion and then encourage the last remaining terrorist to shoot himself so I could rescue the civilian hostage (predictably a woman) rudely awoke me. Particularly as that was followed up with scratching sounds on the door. I went to the door with my big stick (kept beside my bed) and found a gecko on the inside: conclusion neighbours cat (that I daydream about sending to cat heaven) was chasing the gecko and leaped at the door slamming it shut.

As the sun was rising and I have lots of work to do I then had a mental battle involving the warm bed, a cuddly wife and my desk and an early start on work. The lure of coffee did it and I made a coffee and settled into my captains chair and surround screens to work.

Only this isn’t technically work – but dribble.

 Gary Ablett takes an overhead uncontested mark on the wing. Geelong defeated Western Bulldogs at Telstra Dome, AFL Round 16, 20 July 2007. Image: Derrick den Hollander So OK I have dribbled on for 10 minutes now and have not yet achieved any significant point. Somehow that is actually a point – related to the title – which I chose before I wrote anything else – contrary to good writing advice – and now I cannot change or I would end up having to delete this line. And so the point is that real blog posts are not really about anything. Other peoples blog posts that is. Mine are always about something. Except this one. Real blog posts usually have a good “lure them in style of headline” like Oh I don’t know, crazy cat captures gecko in captivating conflict caught on camera. Notice my strong use of alliteration – to the point of ridiculousness. And of course it is untrue, because the gecko did avoid capture, and I didn’t get any photos. So here is an obligatory photo of some other gecko also not being caught by a cat. And a cat – a different one and not related to the story except that for the fact it is a cat. Oh and yes its a Geelong Cat which for non Australians is a football club who just happened to win the pre season AFL NAB cup on the weekend. This is the chief cat Gary Ablett Junior (who like his father is a freak) back when he had hair in 2007. (Photo by Derrick Den Hollander courtesy of www.afana.com)

Where was I before I got distracted looking for photos to stick in here?

Right – the coffee. It was strong, very good and I am buzzing on a caffeine high. The trance music is pumping and my fingers are flying. they should be coding but instead I am writing this. I will get onto the work as soon as I figure out a nice way to finish this post so you don’t feel like you have wasted a small portion of your day reading it. Of course the actual portion percentage could be calculated in Excel and would depend entirely on how slowly you read – I certainly hope you wasted less time than I did.

Here are the calculations in Excel. The attached file allows you to enter in the reading start time. Once you finish reading just hit F9 to update the reading time and you can see if you spent longer reading it then I did writing it. I hope not. Of course I can now justify this post to myself as work seeing as I not only reference excel but showed you (in the attached file) how to use Excel 2007 to make a pretty graph of elapsed time using the @NOW() function.


Ad that concludes my real blog post. Because we have now both wasted more than enough time on this. You need to get back to what you were doing and I need to start doing what I am supposed to be doing. Cheers!

time waste calculator.xlsx13.1 KB


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This was a great blog. I have

This was a great blog. I have to laugh about time wasted, and how you actually graphed it, like that isn't a waste of time either, ot really made me chuckle