Procrastinate this!

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Measure your procrastination time while futzing around on the internet
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"MeeTimer logs the time you spend at each Web site. It's up to you to tell it whether "" (for instance) belongs in the category of Procrastination, Communication, Search, Work, or a category you design. When you rest your mouse on the MeeTimer logo in Firefox's status bar, a pop-up tells you what percent of your work week so far you've spent in each category. To fine-tune the results, right-click the logo to open the program window. From there, you can recategorize sites, tell it how long your work week really is, and view Advanced Stats going back as far as a year. In my informal tests, the Advanced Stats didn't appear as accurate as the stats in the pop-up."

Thanks J-Walk


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just reading that makes me

just reading that makes me procrastinate about even installing that...