Photoshoot - studio set up for animals

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We had an awesome day yesterday. Shannon Plummer who is a wildlife photographer of some repute came to our place to shoot our reptiles. She was kind enough to let me mimic her setup and get plenty of good shots. I didn’t get a picture of the whole setup unfortunately so I have added a drawing below.

2009-08-11 Reptiles and Birds 030-1600

The background is a white sheet lit from below the table with my flash on full power. She used two more flashes on stands over the table to left and right through umbrellas. I used a single flash higher up and pointing down from slightly behind and to the right of the camera.

The table top itself was covered in a white cloth and then a white sheet of perspex (acrylic) with a glossy surface placed on top.

studio setup for animal photo shootThe camera settings were ISO 125, Shutter speed, 1/200, Aperture varying between 6.3 and 7.1. Because Shannon was getting more light than me with three flashes closer to the table she was using an aperture of 11 and thus her depth of field is wider than mine and she gets more of the animals in focus.

You can see her results in her recent work gallery in her website.

You can also see her work on:

I have included the best photos I got below.

 2009-08-11 Reptiles and Birds 078-16002009-08-11 Reptiles and Birds 157-1600

There are more photos at Flickr and you can download and buy the full-size images as prints etc at redbubble.


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this is just way to cool!!!

this is just way to cool!!!

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Thanks in advance for any

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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great blog thanks for sharing

great blog thanks for sharing i will be using that soon you have alot of great info on here.