Old Man

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oldmancartoon I have started to realise that being 40 <> being 24 or even 34.

Yesterday I was up at 7:30 and off to an activity day for the kids. I was coaching discus for 4 hours to a bunch of kids aged 8 to 18. After that I went to the PE coaching class I run for 2 hours that involved a fair amount of running around. We drove home and basically the minute I got home I got changed and went straight back out to AFL football training. By the time I got home from that I was wrecked!. A long hot shower and a foot massage by Judith helped, but this morning I have some muscle soreness! Today is my rest day. Tomorrow I have basketball coaching and Friday I will be running long jump all day for a sports day - 126 kids to supervise!

I need to get a bionic body!


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Aren't you glad we still

Aren't you glad we still love you even though you are getting old! :P