SBS 2008 and a free Visio Network Diagram tool

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I went to a Microsoft training session on SBS2008 yesterday. Was very good. I am super excited about some of the cool new features and functionality coming and can’t wait to get my hands on it. We will definitely be doing a server upgrade and switching over to SBS 2008, Exchange server 2007 and Sharepoint Services 3 when we are able to later this year.

Wayne Small, the SBS MVP taking the technical presentations yesterday, posted on his blog that there is a free Visio plugin available that will create a schematic of your network. The Solarwinds LANsurveyor Express plugin is free until 30 June only.

Here are my before and after diagrams. The before is one I made myself, and doesn't include a client PC that is now in my network that was picked up by the auto map maker.

While the automatic one is quicker to build it doesn't include some information I need to know about my network and doesn’t discover the unmanaged switches. My own map also takes into account the physical topography of the house and it is laid out in a way that is logical to me in relation to the various locations in the house that networked devices reside..

My hand built map


Auto Map

network diagram discovery


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where can i find this

where can i find this software????????

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it was only free until 30

it was only free until 30 june 2008. however if you read the article again the link to the software was contained in the post.

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I had no problems requesting

I had no problems requesting & recieving a license key and the download, hsing the link in the article.