The family that games together stays together

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Our family loves games. We have lots of board games and enjoy playing them, card games, strategy games and computer games. Recently we have combined the electronic with the board strategy games with playing Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne online. They are not actually named the same thing as the online website which is free has not licensed the real game. But in absence of an alternative, this is a great way to find other players, and in our case occasionally play with family who are over seas.

Go to and create an account. Then login to enjoy playing Xplorers (Settlers), Toulouse (Carcasonne), Roadblock and Match. We even play them at home because they are easier than dragging all the pieces out and setting up on a table. Yesterday Jude, myself and Miranda all played games online at various times. Then last night Jude, Miranda, Jadeen, myself and friends Jamie and KristyLee all played a game of UNO round the table. Lots of fun and Jude flogged us all. Then after the two little girls had gone to bed Jamie and I taught Jude and KristyLee how to play 500. As they already knew how to play Diminishing Whist it wasn't too hard because the concepts of tricks, bidding, trumps and bowers were not foreign.

Then we played a game of Toulouse online together which Jamie won. Finally we played Roadblock, which went till the early hours.

The games teach the kids manners, patience, strategy, maths, and social skills. They learn to interact with adults and learn language nuances and conversation skills they would otherwise never pick up. From our perspective we learn patience teaching the kids to play these games and gain a great deal of enjoyment when they "get it".

Thanks to my Mum and Dad who encouraged us to learn and play games as kids.

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Nice! We played games a lot

Nice! We played games a lot as a kid too, but for some reason we don't so much at my house. You've kind of inspired me to give it a try.

btw, I have to do the captcha thing here, which is cool. But I'm forced to preview the comment. Then I have to do captcha again to post it. Is this how you intended it?

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i've fixed that by removing

i've fixed that by removing the requirement to preview comments. that is now optionsal

Thanks for pointing that out.