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We love cheese.

IMG_3102The girls are learning to try different cheeses and see what they do and don’t like.

On Friday we sampled a selection for dessert after dinner. We ate them on different flavoured rice crackers and added spicy kabana, stuffed olives and pickled onions.

I have photographed each cheese and added a small description of its flavour and characteristics for your enjoyment.

Bon Appetit!


The Applebox smoked was a very creamy cheddar, with a light smoky flavour. It was quite rubbery and there was no hint of the paprika as advertised. It was nice, but next time I will get the Dutch smoked to try.


The double Gloucester was very like the Leicester I usually buy. The kids call this “orange cheese”. A light cheese with a very colby like texture this doesn’t have a lot of flavour.  It slices well, melts well and is great with crackers and pickles, olives etc.


The Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm cheese was a very slightly crumbly cheddar with just a hint of tasty flavour. It wasn’t mild, yet wasn’t really tasty either. It cut well and works well on crackers.


The Castello blue cheese is one of my favourite blue cheeses because it is so delicate a flavour. It doesn’t assault the nose with the smell, and the cheese itself is very brie like. It is creamy and cuts well when firm from the fridge. It is soft enough to push the olives into as in the photo. Very yummy. The kdis all tried it, and one actually liked it enough to eat more than just a little bit. None of them spat it out. A great way to get people to learn to appreciate blue cheese.


The Cheshire white cheese was a new one for me. This was mild in flavour and very easy to slice. Yum.


The Melon and Mango dessert cheese is yummy and sweet. It is a cream cheese with the chunks of fruit pressed into it. Goes very nicely with crackers, though i did find that the salt and vinegar flavoured rice cracker wasn’t the bet one to put with it!

And that ends this cheese appreciation post. I hope you enjoyed it.

What are your favourite cheeses. We may just buy them and try them and review them on here!


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Matthew's picture

Mmmmm blue cheese = love

Mmmmm blue cheese = love :D

Also, those fruit cheeses are great!

jethro's picture

you did miss out then because

you did miss out then because they were also consumed at the games night!

regis's picture

I abruptly stopped writing my

I abruptly stopped writing my term paper to munch some cheese. This blog makes my mouth water.